2018 New Years Resolution, Goals and Predictions

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2018 New Years Resolution, Goals and Predictions

Post by Costumelady » Sun Dec 24, 2017 6:50 pm

Thank you so much to those who joined me in 2017. Remember Resolutions are things you want to change. Goals are steps to making those changes and Predictions are just a fun way to hope for a different future based on what is happening now.


Health: I maintained 35 of my 45 lb loss last year from the previous year so now it is time to start going down again so I resolve to lose to goal weight before our trip to Hawaii in July/August. I also want to finish the knee correction and any colon issues and kidney stone issues I am having.

Home: I resolve to finish the basement in 2018.

Family and Friends: I resolve to continue nurturing relationships.

Organization: I resolve to continue with organizing and routines.

Work: I resolve to keep working on being the best teacher I can be.

Mary Kay: I resolve to find a minor consistent work effort that I can keep up.


Health - Prince is going to join me and we are going to do a Kidney and cologne cleanse week and then begin following a structured eating plan keeping to my allergan elimination and focusing on whole foods and do A little Obsessed for 14 days and then 80 day obsession together. Hopefully that will set up a good routine to continue exercising daily together in our studio.

Home: I hesitate to make a time plan for this as last year I didn't meet any of my time goals but I have to be able to see it happening. Currently Prince is Framing so we are going to try to finish framing by January 7. Then he will spend time running electricity on basement. Hopefully in February we will get his inspected and then schedule the foam for late February or early March. After it is foamed then we will begin hanging drywall in March and April and get it finished out by someone at the end of April. In May we will paint and hang the ceiling railing. Then Prince will install lights and ceiling tiles. In June we will lay the floor. In July we will do the baseboard. In August we will install the bathroom. In September we will install the floor in the bathroom. In October we will install the doors or one door at a time - we actually want to put in murphy doors in 2 locations in our basement - one going into the storage area and the other going into the work area, both will have bookshelves on one side. - hidden doors. In November we can host Thanksgiving or Christmas in December and install the Sauna by Christmas. Cameron moves home in August and hopefully he will be helpful to his dad then and Ryan on breaks and this summer.

Family and Friends: I want to still work on dinner parties - I did 4 last year and would like to do more this year and still want to meet my neighbors more. We have Disney tickets to use - 4 single day use tickets. Prince and I are going on a Cruise around the Hawaii Islands for our 25th anniversary.

Organization: Continue to refine routines - we are very routine but still need work on Clutter. Will try to work on 365 days of Decluttering and choose 1 thing a day or 7 things a week to declutter.

Work: Pilot and then refine my IET on Retail Fundamentals and create ones for MOS (Microsoft Office Suite) and one for Hospitality. Continue my work on the state board and as regional PDF and regional teen rep on another group. Really work toward getting highly effective.

Predictions: This new tax plan will help some of us financially but widen the gap in the classes. Trump will get some kind of punishment. The democrats will take over house and senate in the fall. CBD Oil will be federally approved for use everywhere. They will come up with a field test for Marijuana that works and more states will legalize it. The economy will still be stable this year. Ryan will successfully complete 2 more semesters and get a part time job he enjoys. Cameron will move home and find a job and get back into theater and go to college and love it. Nate will buy a travel trailer this summer and go on the road. Prince will have successfully completed 3 semesters (summer too) of college classes toward his masters in Artificial Intelligence. I will get my high school math license (I did try last year) and receive a teaching award (I got one last year for my work with teens, I covet the adult educator of the year award but since my boss is the president of the board that is not as likely this year). It is on my bucket list though.

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