taking care of things which have been put off - Sept 2008

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taking care of things which have been put off - Sept 2008

Post by aussiejo » Mon Sep 08, 2008 4:23 am

Taking care of things put off – (still!)…

1. put photos in albums – one country per month? - starting with the Antarctic photos for September
2. remove remaining tiles from kitchen walls
3. organise retiling of kitchen walls (save up the cash first!)
4. organise new taps for kitchen
5. wash kitchen walls
6. undercoat and paint kitchen cupboards
7. wash my bedroom walls where red dust has settled from renovation no longer need to do as are now covered in new bookshelves!
8. carry over - install rain gauge (now its finally raining)
9. carry over - diarise to plant out bay plants in spring (where?) and put in some more olive trees - reviewed garden plan - not putting in bays- purchased 2 more olive trees - planted one. have decided to underplant olives with oregano ... i have it in one place already - will plant out the rest this weekend - as well as finish weeding the Greville hedge, planting out the brachyscome, weeding the passionfruit patch, planting out some seeds (note to self - what else can i use as a seed tray?) to sow once up and if there is time put another coat of paint on my new bookshelves.
10. carry over - see what linen needs hemming (at least 1 dozen french napkins)
11. do linen inventory and label each set
12. carry over - skim read books in leather basket
13. carry over - order spring planting plants for front garden from nursery - make list first. i have ordered 40 brachyscome, 5 lemon trees (for the back yard), and a passion fruit - couldn't find the list ! found list ... went to nursery to buy plants but it is too early in the season (spring) to purchase yet - need to organise some quotes for hard works first
14. carry over - start sorting receipts for tax ... goal 30 October .

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