Weekend warriors May 24-27

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Weekend warriors May 24-27

Post by MamaSev » Sat May 25, 2013 4:12 am

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

The graduation went off pretty well. Plenty of food and good friends for the party. Son did well greeting people and talking to each one. He liked the video (once he got over the embarrassment) and I got a lot of compliments on it as well. In fact, my SIL wants me to make a copy for her. I was thinking of locating the ones for my other son and daughter and making copies of them for her as well. Of course after the party and the clean up, I was so tired I pretty much collapsed and didn't move much until Sunday afternoon!! :oops:

So my list for this weekend looks like this

2 loads of laundry()
Ten minute tidy living room () dining() kitchen()bathroom()bedroom()laundry() and entry()
Sweep house()
steam mop dining room floor () (I really hate that floor! all the little dimples in the linoleum in there just collects the dirt! Anyone have an idea how to stop that????)
Clear table ()
Plant garden () if weather allows I know I am really late with it but the weather has not been cooperative at all!
Bag up clothes for donation ()
Take flowers to cemetery ()
Drop off clothes()
Pickup groceries ()
Pickup cat litter and cat food ()
Hook dryer hose back up ()
Clean litter box ()
Sort 1 basket of papers ()
Do computer maintenance ()
Put away last of party supplies ()
Work on chair ()

Ten Minute Tidy Living () Dining() Kitchen() Bath()Bedroom()laundry()Entry()
Pickup landing area () (yeah it's a mess again. I can't just expect the boys to keep it picked up!)
Sweep ()
Dishes ()
Bake ()
2 Loads of laundry ()
Sort DD's clothes and pack up in totes ()
Work on chair()


Not sure yet...maybe a lazy day. LOL

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