For our Lovely Lurkers

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For our Lovely Lurkers

Post by AlleyKat » Sat Jan 04, 2014 9:55 pm

Hi, we are so glad you come and read our posts, and I take comfort knowing that we are probably friends who have never met!

There have been some issues behind the scenes with the spammers, and our resident miracle worker, Michael, is hard at work to make sure that our boards are the best they can be. One of the things he has done is cleared the cache of anyone who has never posted. He is asking all the legitimate Visitors to post just once, so that you won't be deleted in the next sweep. You don't have to post anything other than 'Hi', or even just this: :D

This is the official explanation, not just my condensed version 8)


I took the liberty of posting this over all the main topics, so we don't lose anyone :D

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