Setting up the cardfile in Evernote

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Setting up the cardfile in Evernote

Post by isazar » Tue Aug 25, 2015 6:00 am

I just wanted to share how I set up my electronic cardfile in Evernote. I dont run a household but this system is the only one that has worked for me, and just so you know, I teach at a a local college, I am also a translator and I am starting my life and business coaching business, plus I am also finishing my second master´s degree and I write freelance, a blog, and short stories, so I do keep busy. I have made my own cardfile adaptation using Evernote and decided to share in case there were other SHEs/Flybabies that could use it. I have gotten many good ideas from lurking in the forums, so I want to share back. I hope this makes sense and can be useful.

Basically I use notebooks for the card file tab dividers and one note for each card. My set up is:

!Inbox - default notebook where everything goes before processing

@ ToDo - first stack where my current actions are, it is like my BWP. It has a notebook for each day of the week and I file the action on the day I plan to do it. I also file lesson plan notes from my class notebooks, and then return to their notebook after the class is done. All action notes start with a verb. Also translation projects that normally just need me to work on them a bit each day to finish before the deadline get a note "@trans Document #deadline", and I just move it form day to day, or file it in the day I plan to do most of the work. Daily routine notes can be filed on one day and moved once completed, and I also use On My Mind - Inmediate Action notes

.1 Monday
.2 Tuesday
.3 Wednesday
.4 Thursday
.5 Friday
.6 Saturday
.7 Sunday
08 August - notebook for the current month with all the things I need/want to do this month. Zones could get a checklist note for each one and be here and then get filed to next month once finished.
Grading - I only accept assignments in digital format and they go here, have an email filter set up to send them here directly.
Read&Review - clippings of things I want to read later

@Projects - stack with one notebook for each major project I am working on, all the support material, ideas, notes, goes in there, individual actions get a note and go into @ToDo, and can come back once done. For example, I need to read some articles for a training I am taking. I filed the reading into a note and named it
"/Training - @Read articles" and filed it first in the August notebook, later in the one for the day I planned to read. Once I finish reading it returned to the training notebook and change the name to "/Training - Articles" Smaller projects get a note with the name of the /project and get filed in the month they need to get done.

@Tickler -stack with monthly notebooks for things I want/need to do in any month, including recurrent monthly tasks.

01 January
02 February
12 December
Someday - ideas or things I might want to do, like in Getting Things Done

And next come my reference files. I am using notebook stacks because it makes sense to me, but I might change. I have thought of using just one notebook and tags, or and A-Z system like David Allen suggests, but I am not sure.

Business - a stack for everything related to my business (but clients, they get their own), like marketing ideas, forms, materials, plans, contacts.

Classes - a stack for all my teaching materials, I have a notebook for each class I teach and file everything in there. Each note starts with a CODE for the class and a description. I have a note for each lesson with the powerpoint and handouts and notes. During weekly planning I file the note on the class day and then return it after the class. There is one more notebook called ADMIN for administrative references.

Clients - a stack with a notebook for each client coaching or translation

Master - a stack with all my study materials, one notebook per class I took and one for thesis materials and ideas. I have an active project for writing the proposal now, will have new ones as the work advances.

Reference - for all other reference materials

Self - a stack with more personal notebooks like Journals/Scrapbooks, Goals, Bucket List, Inspiration, Prayers

Writing - a stack with a notebook for blogging, freelance, and fiction each.

The system is and will be evolving but for now is working. I would just be extra happy is there was a way to use color in Evernote like there is with index cards, I have thought about using tags instead, but I am not sure.

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