fun idea for kids

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fun idea for kids

Post by tired~military~wife~& » Fri Jun 27, 2008 1:31 pm

I posted a bit about this in the crafting section, and realized, I should post about it here too. :)

I love finding creative ways to get my kids excited about school.

I like to take the rhinestones and beads out of broken jewelry to let my kids use: crafts, sorting, counting, shapes, math, size order, all kinds of neat things. I have to keep my youngest otherwise occupied though, lol! I did the same with different kinds of tumbled rock gems. My kids absolutely love sorting and counting and treasure hunting, and gluing them to paper for unique pictures.

I also get all kinds of gems, all stages: the faceted and Cabochons ( mostly broken, chipped or cracked), tumbled, rough uncut, lots of unsearched gems, fake but real looking gems, lab created gems.... I love it! The kids are learning so much about different kinds of rocks, and it gets them excited to learn. :) It is an investment, but you can find some awesome deals sometimes. :)

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