Simple Tofu or Grain Recipes?

Please share your favorite recipes and cooking tips!

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Simple Tofu or Grain Recipes?

Post by Suzee » Tue Nov 20, 2012 7:02 am

I'm looking to vary a low-carb diet. I like tofu and quinoa, millet and other grains. Hopefully there are other folks who are willing to share recipes, tips & ideas? Thanks! :D

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Re: Simple Tofu or Grain Recipes?

Post by AlleyKat » Tue Nov 20, 2012 11:33 pm

Sorry, my DH insist that we are a strict carnivore family :lol: :D :mrgreen:

If you don't any help here, try PMing Fun or Kitkat, I know they use these ingredients.

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Re: Simple Tofu or Grain Recipes?

Post by FrenchFlybebe » Wed Nov 21, 2012 9:59 am

Suzee, what do you cook with quinoa or tofu?

I use quinoa like couscous semolina, usually. Any recipe you use couscous for, you can make with quinoa, it adds some crunchiness. I'm a big fan of tabouleh (Lebanese couscous salad), you can find recipes online (my own recipes varies from one time to the next).
Sometimes I mix both quinoa and semolina.

I cook tofu a lot since I usually don't eat meat. kitkat has a great recipe to share :D.
I can only give my tips for hard tofu, that I use very often. Silken tofu is a mystery to me :)
I'd say there are two ways I can cook tofu that make it tasty (otherwise it's really... bland)
- marinated :
I marinate cubed tofu in all sorts of spicy marinades (curry paste, garlic, hot pepper or whatever you like) then after a few hours I cook it like I used to cook fish, or marinated chicken : stir fried with veggies or rice. You can also put the cubes on a skewer and grill them, it's nice when you have a barbecue and every one but you wants to have meat.
- crushed :
I crush tofu in very small chunks with a fork, like flakes or crumbles almost, and cook it in soups, stew or casseroles, the way you would use ground beef, but with extra spices or flavor in the stew or casserole. Chili for instance, or Asian-style noodle-soup, is good with tofu. OR when making tomato sauce for pasta. Just remember it's very bland and you have to add extra spiciness or herbs if you use a lot of tofu.

You can find marinated tofu and smoked tofu in health stores if you live in a larger city than me. It has more taste.

I'd love to read recipes or tips about millet or any other grains.

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